Sage Offers an EU Licensing Opportunity - Novel Treatment for Cancers of the Liver

Cancers of the liver remain a major unmet medical need for the ~1.2 million patients diagnosed annually with primary or metastatic liver cancer. The liver is a common site of metastases and often the life-limiting organ for cancer patients. Consequently, prognosis is poor, OS generally <12 months.

Our client Delcath is based on the east coast of the USA with a highly experienced management and development team. We are working with them initially to identify a commercial partner in Europe where their product CHEMOSAT® is CE Marked as a Class IIb Medical Device with broad indication.

CHEMOSAT® is described in the attached brief presentation. CHEMOSAT® is a novel Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion (PHP) system which in clinical use isolates the liver circulation, delivers a high concentration of chemotherapy (melphalan), filters this to remove it from the circulation and returns the blood to the patient.

CHEMOSAT® has been used in > 300 commercial procedures ~170 patients. National reimbursement was established in Germany during 2016 and this could follow in other EU countries having set this precedent.

FY’16 EU revenue forecast at  > €2 million.