The Sage Market Assessment Service is a strategic, analytical serviced designed to allow companies, particularly small to medium size companies, to quickly gain information about customers and markets. Sage Market Assessment is a primary qualitative research service that we provide for our clients on a regular basis. The process is straight forward:

Define clearly what it is that the client wants to learn and from whom
Develop screening criteria and screening questions that will lead to optimal interview participants.
Develop an interview guide that will deliver the information the client is seeking
Recruit the interview participants using a data base of physician, nurses, pharmacists, and other key participants in the healthcare marketplace located throughout the U.S. and in selected international venues. Those recruited can be key opinion leaders or physicians in rural settings; small community hospitals or major teaching hospitals.
Conduct interviews in three ways: in person, on the telephone and on-line. The method used will be dictated by a more complete understanding of what it is the clients wants to learn.
Create a Project Summary Report that is the basis for an interactive discussion and planning session with the client
These Assessments are usually able to be completed in 4-5 weeks.