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Robert Nance
Senior Director

Robert Nance, Senior Director, has more than twenty-five years of experience in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and consumer products. His experience is primarily in sales and marketing, strategic  planning as well as product, company and competitive research and intelligence.

Bob began his career as a sales representative for The Upjohn Company.  From Upjohn he moved to Beckman Instruments as part of their scaling up to enter the diagnostics market in the clinical and electrophysiology laboratories. At Beckman, Bob rose from sales, to sales management and ultimately became Strategic Planning Manager responsible for the company’s $100 million reagent business. From there he became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at American Diagnostics, a small biotech company with unique immune - technology that was a pioneer in therapeutic drug monitoring. In this position he met Wayne Pambianchi who was visiting the company  as part of a due diligence investigation that led to the company being acquired.


Following the acquisition, Bob and a partner founded a company dedicated to providing marketing services to small biotech companies that did not have a marketing capability. In less than a year, that company was acquired by its largest client.

Over the several years that followed, Bob has provided private contract services to companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries, developing specialized marketing and promotional programs. These programs have involved direct to consumer marketing, promotions, seminar/group interactions, peer influence marketing and market research. In addition he also conducted targeted product, company and competitive research. 


During this period Bob was also involved with a number of start-ups, all which were involved in consumer products. One of these start-ups brought Bob and Wayne together, and led to what is now a 16 year involvement in Sage.


Mr. Nance has a B.S. degree in Biology and Chemistry, as well as completing graduate-level work in Neuro-Pathology.

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