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CNSystems Appoints the Sage Group to Identify Strategic Partnerships for its Non Invasive Hemodynami

Graz, Austria, Cambridge UK, and Clinton NJ – January 2015 – CNSystems announces that following an internal strategic assessment, it has launched a global program to enter into one or more strategic alliances for its non-invasive continuous hemodynamic monitoring systems. The Sage Group has been appointed by CNSystems to assist the company in this endeavor. The objective is to partner with well-established companies which will work with the CNSystems-technology to further the commercial traction CNSystems has already achieved and to expand commercialization into a wider range of markets so as to achieve market leadership in the emerging field of totally noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring with particular focus on the operating room.

Dr Juergen Fortin, CEO of CNSystems, said “With more than 3,500 units sold worldwide, CNSystems is poised to become the undisputed market leader in continuous non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring. Similarly to the market impact of pulse oximetry, the Company’s CNAP® technology has the potential for being sold into every operating theatre in the world! We are pleased to be working with The Sage Group to identify global strategic partners for our technology.”

CNSystems has established a strong pedigree and position of innovative leadership in the field of continuous non-invasive hemodynamic (HD) monitoring, as evidenced by over 400 clinical and scientific publications. The Company’s expertise in non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring has led to four key products which have global regulatory approval. CNSystems has sold more than 3,500 systems to date.

CNSystems has a strong product pipeline of products in the emerging market for totally non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring in the operating room. These are planned to receive all regulatory clearances by 2016.

The hemodynamic monitoring market is estimated to be $1.3 billion today with only a very small portion truly noninvasive. This creates a significant opportunity for CNSystems and its partner(s). The fundamental drivers of this emerging market are real and powerful: significantly fewer adverse effects, shorter hospital stays and improved patient care.

CNSystems has an exceptionally strong IP portfolio with 54 granted patents, 11 pending and long lifetimes remaining on key IP.

CNSystems has a highly experienced and competent management team. CNSystems has achieved all its technical and product developments, clinical and regulatory benchmarks, manufacturing/assembly operations and commercialization[BF1] .

About CNSystems

CNSystems is based in Graz, Austria. It was founded in 1998 to develop continuous non-invasive monitoring products for cardiac output, blood pressure and other cardiovascular parameters. The Company is revenue-generating and has sold over 3500 systems worldwide with more than 400 clinical and scientific publications where its systems have been utilized. CNSystems have strong IP protection on its products, which include full systems and OEM modules which it sells as integrated technology in collaboration with two partners currently. The Company also has a strong development pipeline of new products in this space.

About The Sage Group, Inc.

The Sage Group Inc. is a leader in the provision of strategic and transactional advice to health care companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical device, biotechnology and life science fields. Sage currently maintains offices in USA, Europe, Israel, Australia and Japan. Since its founding in 1994, The Sage Group has served more than 200 clients in the US, Europe and Asia, and completed numerous transactions including divestitures, alliances, acquisitions and financings with values ranging from $5 million to $500 million.

The Sage Group is an organization of experienced and successful executives who are committed to the service of the very vital and dynamic health care industry and its investors.

Contact Details

Sage Europe: Dr. W. T. Mason Director, The Sage Group, Inc. Email: Tel: +44 (0)1638 5000775 Sage USA: Wayne Pambianchi Director, The Sage Group, Inc. Email: Tel: +1 908 2306170

CNSystems Austria: Dr. Juergen Fortin Email:

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