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The Sage Group Expands Global Healthcare Transaction Advisory Services in China with New T-Capital P

London, England, Shanghai, China, and New York, February 17 2020 - The Sage Group, Inc. today announced that they have partnered with T-Capital to extend their global reach into the People’s Republic of China. The principal objective is to broaden their portfolio of strategic licensing and partnering services for their healthcare clients in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical technology. This will build on a growing transaction volume of their clients in USA and Europe entering China in recent years.

The initiative will be led by Dr. Yueyue (Linda) Wang, Managing Partner of T-Capital based in Shanghai. “We are very pleased that T-Capital has decided to join forces with Sage. They will expand our capability and expertise in serving the strategic transactional needs of our clients, most of whom have assets for which they are seeking partners in the large Chinese market.” said Dr. Bill Mason, Executive Director of Sage. “T-Capital has established itself as a high quality boutique investment bank in China, and they likewise are finding that many of their Chinese clients have assets seeking partners in USA and Europe.”

Dr. Linda Wang has a Ph.D in Molecular Biology and MBA. She has engaged in dozens of licensing, technology transfer, co-development, JV, investment, M&A, and spin-off programs while working with Eli Lilly, Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Company (600420:SHH), and Sinopharm Investment, where she was Managing Partner of Industry Development. With internal experienced partners, T-capital has successfully closed dozens of transactions for leading Chinese biotechs, medtechs and large pharmas, with extensive experience in sourcing, deal structuring, deal terms suggesting, deal terms negotiating and closing significant transactions for their clients.

China has 1.4 billion people and spends $USD700 billion on healthcare, 6.5% of the GDP. The country has >4000 pharma companies in the 32 provinces of the nation. China's pharmaceutical market has been constantly growing in recent years. Most of the large Western pharma companies have Chinese subsidiaries and research establishments based in China.

According to a recent market study quoting health-care information company IQVIA, China is also the biggest emerging market for pharmaceuticals with growth tipped to reach $175 billion by 2022.

In recent years, the Chinese government has introduced a series of policies to narrow the pharmaceutical innovation gap between China and other leading countries. The policies include developing multinational clinical centers, sharing clinical data globally, accelerating the approval process for new medicines, and enhancing the protection of clinical data.

“I am very excited about the opportunity that our company working with The Sage Group presents for our Chinese clients,” said Dr. Linda Wang. “Working with The Sage Group Principals, we will also be able to offer an optimum service to their Western clients in US and Europe seeking to enter China with their products, technology and services. In addition, this collaboration will enable our Chinese clients a one-stop shop to partner their assets in the West.”

About T-Capital

Since established, T-capital has served dozens of customers, covering New Drug Development, 505b(2), New Life Science Technologies, Medical Devices, Invitro Diagnosis, Healthcare Service, etc. The total amount of services exceeds billions of RMB and equivilant USD. Based on resources with over 600 venture capitals, 400 pharms, 200 biotechs, T-capital helps to cooperate with local Pharma, biotech, government, investment funds, etc in CHINA, T-capital always focus on Value Orientation & Creation, pays attention to high-potential enterprises, and always serves as a bridge between china and rest of the world.

The range of services offered includes:

  • License-out/-in

  • Joint Venture

  • Co-development

  • Distribution

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Spin-off

  • Finance Raising

Dr. Linda Wang

Managing Partner, Ph.D, MBA


Xuhui Road 3, Shanghai, China

Tel.: +86-13240411988

XiaoLin Zhou

Partner, COO


Xuhui Road 3, Shanghai, China

Tel.: +86-13816270560

About The Sage Group, Inc.

The Sage Group Inc. ( is a leader in the provision of strategic and transactional advice to health care companies in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical device, biotechnology and life science fields. Sage currently maintains offices in USA, Europe, Israel and Japan. Since its founding in 1994, The Sage Group has served more than 200 clients in the US, Europe and Asia, and completed numerous transactions including divestitures, alliances, acquisitions and financings with values ranging from $5 million to $500 million. The establishment of operations in Europe and Japan, and shortly China, has allowed its clients to reach out beyond their own regions and capture the potential of the global healthcare market.

The Sage Group is an organization of experienced and successful executives who are committed to the service of the very vital and dynamic health care industry and its investors.

The range of services offered includes:

  • Strategic alliances and licensing/partnering in and out

  • M&A, divestment, buy- and sell- side

  • Global product and technology acquisition searches

  • Strategic assessment and planning

  • Due diligence, technology and molecule assessment, valuation

  • New ventures, interim management

  • Facilitating investment in R&D and/or company equity through introductions, network and brokering

The Sage Group's Principals, each an Executive Director, have been Founders, Chairmen, Presidents, CEO's and COO's of a number of emerging health care companies. These Principals have also held senior level management positions in large multi-national organizations. In addition to their management backgrounds, The Sage Group's Principals also have extensive experience in providing professional management consulting services to healthcare industry clients. All these experiences are being applied by The Sage Group to assist industry participants in these challenging times.

The Sage Group can be contacted at any of the offices shown below:

EU Corporate Office

Dr. Bill Mason

Sage Healthcare Ltd.

The Old Black Barns

Lord’s Lane, Ousden, Newmarket CB8 8TX


Phone: +44 1638 500775 Mob: +44 7785 950134

US Corporate Office

Mr. Wayne Pambianchi

The Sage Group Inc.

1802 Route 31 North, #381

Clinton, NJ 08809


Phone: + 1 646 4123332

Fax: +1 908 2319692

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