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Sage Represents DBM: An Opportunity to Acquire or Partner with a Revenue Generating Pre-Clinical CRO

The Sage Group is pleased to announce it is representing Discovery Biomed (“DBM”; DBM is a revenue-generating pre-clinical CRO based in Birmingham, Alabama focused on integrating biologically- and disease-relevant human cell cultures and lines into all relevant steps of Drug Discovery.

DBM is the one of the first companies to enable extension of preclinical testing to human cells and cell models including those derived from both healthy and diseased tissue. DBM owns a defined niche in the Humanized Drug Discovery space that sets them apart from the competition in the creation and bioassay of normal and diseased human cell platforms.

DBM’s CRO services business is growing rapidly and DBM expects to reach multimillion revenue in 2020 in a significantly larger, emerging market estimated to be between $50 and $100 million.

Sage is seeking a company with synergistic capabilities and strong commercial abilities worldwide with which DBM can join forces to grow faster and more efficiently.

DBM’s capabilities are “scaleable” and DBM is leveraging its resources by adding new applications in Taste (Sentirix) and Oncology (TumorCube). Complementing its drug discovery capabilities, DBM specializes in custom cell culture and engineering for use at key points within the drug discovery process.

DBM believes that its approach to drug discovery and development complements the more traditional drug discovery approach thus improving the viability of hit and hits-to-leads. DBM has expertise in several therapeutic areas including renal, respiratory, metabolic, and skin and has worked with myriad human cell types in both 2D and 3D tissue culture formats.

Some examples of the projects DBM have completed are listed below:

  • Primary human and animal cell culture establishment and human cell immortalization and cell line creation

  • Using primary and immortalized human cultures to perform hit-to-lead and lead candidate testing on 'one-off' cell platforms

  • Targeted high-throughput screening in 3D or 2D formats w/ human lung, renal, metabolic and vascular cells

  • Hit-to-lead and lead candidate testing with a panel of bioassays in differentiated human adipocytes and other human cells relevant to metabolic diseases

  • HTS and validation using ion-sensitive fluorescent probes or voltage-sensitive dyes in intact, living cells at physiological temperatures and in real time

  • HTS and validation using extracellular luciferase-luciferin capture of secreted ATP as a principal neurotransmitter

DBM has proven the value of its platform by discovering several of its own drug candidates focused on renal diseases such as PKD, CKD, and lupus nephritis.

DBM wishes to establish new partnerships which may lead to a global merger or acquisition.

Sage believe that DBM with their novel CRO capabilities in humanised cells has enormous potential to succeed in concert with a larger CRO in offering their service range to global pharma.

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