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Jeb Gollin
Executive Director

Jeb Gollin is a Health Economist with over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Jeb has attained senior management positions with major companies in strategic business intelligence, marketing, and portfolio management (Schering-Plough, Warner-Lambert, IMS).  Working with top management at Teva Pharmaceuticals for 15 years as Senior Director Global Business Development and Strategic Business Planning, he led Pipeline and Portfolio management and drove commercial evaluation (focus Oncology).  

Providing hands-on management and consulting to small, medium and large companies, J. Harris applies his proven Solutions Architecture ® approach to create a shared vision among stakeholders (entrepreneurs, investors, strategic partners, and contractors) to produce Value Creation Strategies for product development and commercialization.

J. Harris Gollin has advanced academic degrees from Columbia University GSAS, (M. Phil., Economics; MA, History) and Professional Certification (Political Intelligence) from Columbia University School of International Affairs.  He obtained his BA (Political Science and Middle East Studies) combining programs at Rutgers College, Princeton University, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.   

Before his career in the pharmaceutical industry, Jeb assisted US construction firms to win contracts abroad, particularly in Saudi Arabia and Iran.  He produced a performance audit of the construction industry in Saudi Arabia for Chase World Information Corporation and produced a global business intelligence newsletter providing international market intelligence that was quoted often in US State Department’s, Commerce Business Daily.

While pursuing his post graduate research in London, England, Jeb obtained financial endorsements from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international societies devoted to conflict resolution and global economic development to produce the first international journal devoted to peace in the Middle East that published articles from renowned Israeli, Arab, American, and European writers.

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