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Our Track Record

The Sage Group Principals have very significant experience in the healthcare and life science sectors spanning many years of work in this fast moving sector, including both small and large companies, public and private.

This includes:

  • Line Management - The principals have over 100 combined years of experience in the healthcare industries including full time positions as Chairman, CEO or COO in >50 development stage companies and senior level positions in 12 major multinational companies.

  • Board Participation - The principals have held key executive and non-executive board positions on a wide range of quoted and unquoted companies in US and the EU. They are available for similar roles in client companies.

  • Consulting - The Sage Group and its Principals have been involved in more than 100 substantial transactions involving professional strategic and/or technical consulting. 

  • Business Formation & Financing - The principals have played a key role in raising over $2,500 million in private and public financing and have had founder or lead operating roles in more than twenty start-up and development stage companies.

  • Corporate Partnering & Licensing - The principals have played lead roles in the successful identification and negotiation of over 100 deals ranging up to $150 million. In terms of total deal size, The Sage Group has realised over $3 billion cumulatively.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions - The principals have played key roles in more than sixty healthcare mergers, acquisitions and divestments ranging from small (<$10 million) to large (>$500 million).

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