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Reena Bhattacharya

Reena Bhattacharya is the founder & strategy consultant at Renuto Consulting, based in New Delhi, India.  She offers pharmaceutical & healthcare consulting in the areas of licensing, brand management, market estimation and 360 degree partnering. She has over two decades of experience in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, including in-licensing & marketing internationally recognized therapies from European and US based companies in the Indian market. Reena is an astute marketer & strategist who understands market needs, identifies gaps & offers products that expand the portfolios of companies. She also has deep domain knowledge about IP (patents & regulations), OTC markets and market research. 

Her strengths include following a scientific approach to identify partnering opportunities that meet the needs of both the partners & creating win-win solutions. She understands companies, including their product partnering, market and commercial needs.  Her partnering deliberations not only create synergistic solutions but also create long-term relationships between companies. 

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