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Sage Represents Mateon Therapeutics - Leadership in Novel Vascular Targeted Therapy

Sage is representing Mateon Therapeutics, a US-based biopharma company focusing on Vascular Disrupting Agents (VDAs) for orphan oncology indications.

The company has two VDAs in clinical development, CA4P and OXi4503, the lead one of which is being studied in a phase 2/3 clinical trial in platinum resistant ovarian cancer.

Similar to anti-angiogenic agents (AAs), which have been FDA approved and are widely used in cancer treatment, VDAs work by interfering with a tumor’s blood supply. The advantage/differentiation of VDAs is that they suppress a tumor’s existing vasculature thereby depriving the tumor of its blood supply, leading to necrosis of cancer cells throughout the core of the tumor.

AAs work by preventing new tumor blood vessel formation and thus the two MOAs are complementary. Notably, this combination has only relatively recently been studied in randomized controlled clinical trials, leading to the current licensing opportunity for CA4P.

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