Sage Group News

Opportunity for Leadership in Epigenetic Control of Metastatic Cancer

Sage is representing EpiAxis Therapeutics. We are seeking strategic partners to license their novel technology for epigenetic control of metastatic cancer. EpiAxis Therapeutics is a leading epigenetics company targeting the nuclear bound lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) enzyme. The company discovered the dual role that LSD1 plays in reprograming the epigenome in metastatic disease and has novel, best in class inhibitors, against this pivotal target. EpiAxis’ inhibitors reverse both the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) of the metastasis initiating cells and, in parallel, redecorate the phenotype of immune T cells to restore and reinvigorate their function in metastatic disease.

OraMelts Drug Delivery Platform: Opportunity for Leadership in IntraOral Drug Delivery

The Sage Group is representing Quest Consumer Health Holdings, the owner of the OraMelts manufacturing facility and patent portfolio, in their search for one or more partners with which it can collaborate to expand the applications of its unique and highly successful OraMelts oral adhesive disc drug delivery technology. Proprietary products using this technology are already sold in major US pharmacy chains in Europe and Australia. The partnership may include an exclusive worldwide license to the OraMelts patents and know-how in the prescription pharmaceutical field and/or for a specific therapeutic focus. The OraMelts technology offers convenient, sustained, hours-long delivery of drugs into