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Sage Represents Luzitin in Licensing of its Redaporfin Combination Therapy for Solid Tumours

Sage represents Luzitin ( to develop a strategic alliance for its Redaporfin PDT combination therapy for solid tumours.

For decades Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) to treat cancer has held great promise due to its ability to selectively destroy tumours accessible to light along with the absence of harmful long term side effects often encountered with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

However, technological limitations of current marketed products have heretofore prevented PDT from reaching its full potential. Luzitin has developed a new photosensitizer compound, Redaporfin™, which promises to bring PDT to routine daily practice for treatment of solid tumours. Luzitin’s Redaporfin™treatment is a novel product which is applicable to virtually all solid tumours accessible to minimally invasive illumination through an optical fibre.

Redaporfin is a patented, third generation photosensitizer compound which was specifically designed to overcome the pitfalls of the marketed photosensitizers of systemic administration for cancer (i.e. porfimer sodium - Photofrin®, and temoporfin - Foscan®).