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Zora Offers Cardiovascular / Diabetes and Ovarian Cancer Risk Prevention Tests

Zora Biosciences (“Zora”; is a privately funded, Finnish-based diagnostics company with novel intellectual property and a breakthrough approach to assessing predilection to disease in two distinct areas: (1) Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risk with their CERT test and (2) Ovarian Cancer with their OCDT test.

Zora is seeking a global strategic partner for investment and the wider resources to support commercialisation and rollout. Zora would also consider itself a strong acquisition target and be amenable to divestment.

Zora’s CERT test is fully commercialised as an LDT using LCMS and is partnered with the Mayo Clinic in the USA and in Finland. It has been fully validated on >27,000 patient samples analysed retrospectively and shown to be a much more reliable predictor of cardiovascular risk than other markers like LDL-C in use today.

Zora has developed strong expertise with IP protection for using lipid metabolites as biomarkers analysed by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) and novel bioinformatics as predictors of disease. Through numerous collaborations in Europe and USA, the company has unique access to large retrospective patient sample cohorts which has enabled development of uniquely high sensitivity and specificity tests for cardiovascular/diabetes risk (CERT test) and for ovarian cancer risk (OCDT test). These tests enable for the first time early patient risk assessments for disease before the illness has fully developed, enabling preventative actions to be taken.

OCDT is in commercial development as an LDT but already validated on >400 patients for early stage detection of ovarian cancer in both menopausal and pre-menopausal women. In its own right, it has very high positive predictive value but when used with the gold standard CA-125 marker may offer even high predictive potential. OCDT represents a major commercial opportunity to attain clinical leadership in oncology diagnostics.

Zora has early stage revenues from its initial commercial collaborations in Finland and the Mayo Clinic in the USA and is now seeking to rollout its products globally with a partner.

The Company is seeking a global strategic partner to enable worldwide commercialization of CERT and OCDT and its other pipeline biomarker diagnostics capabilities. Zora and Sage believe this represents a significant new business opportunity for your company to gain leadership in the predictive biomarker diagnostics market for coronary heart disease and for ovarian cancer.

Zora has strong worldwide intellectual property coverage for its biomarker diagnostics including a number of granted and pending patents worldwide with long expiry dates extending into 2038 and beyond. The Company also has a strong Freedom to Operate opinion.

Zora has an excellent management team and clinical advisors with decades of experience and a deep clinical and scientific understanding of this field. This includes collaborators at leading worldwide clinical centers such as the Charite Hospital in Berlin and the Mayo Clinic and amongst others.

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