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Zora Offers Cardiovascular / Diabetes and Ovarian Cancer Risk Prevention Tests

Zora Biosciences (“Zora”; is a privately funded, Finnish-based diagnostics company with novel intellectual property and a breakthrough approach to assessing predilection to disease in two distinct areas: (1) Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risk with their CERT test and (2) Ovarian Cancer with their OCDT test.

Zora is seeking a global strategic partner for investment and the wider resources to support commercialisation and rollout. Zora would also consider itself a strong acquisition target and be amenable to divestment.

Zora’s CERT test is fully commercialised as an LDT using LCMS and is partnered with the Mayo Clinic in the USA and in Finland. It has been fully validated on >27,000 patient samples analysed retrospectively and shown to be a much more reliable predictor of cardiovascular risk than other markers like LDL-C in use today.