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Opportunity to Partner OncoSec: a Novel Immunotherapy Company

10 December 2018 - New York and London - The Sage Group is pleased to announce that it is working with OncoSec, an American corporation, to identify one of more strategic global partners for its TAVO technology. TAVO is an exciting approach to treatment of solid tumors such as melanoma and Triple Negative Breast Cancer using a powerful new approach to immunooncology-based thearapeutics.

• A late stage oncology company with clinical data in five different indications.

• Demonstrated better than a 30 percent response rates in melanoma, both as monotherapy and in combination with checkpoint therapy.

• Evidence for abscopal effects reflected in intratumoral treatment having whole body benefits.

• Unparalleled safety profile

.• Currently have 2 Phase II studies (one of which is registration enabled), in collaboration with Merck & Co.

• Device to treat and electroporate internal lesions in 2019.•Seasoned management team, no debt, strong balance sheet and robust early development programs in gene therapy and immuno-oncology.

• OncoSec is an attractive partnering opportunity for a partner to enter or fortify its position in cancer treatments.

OncoSec has strong intellectual property:

• OncoSec owns 13 issued patents (7 U.S. and 6 foreign) and 41 pending patent applications (11 U.S. and 31 foreign).

• OncoSec has licensed intellectual property rights to certain electroporation technology to deliver DNA-based cytokines as an immunotherapy, as well as catheter-based delivery devices. From these in-licensed portfolios, OncoSec has access to 50 issued U.S. and foreign patents and 24 U.S. and foreign pending patent applications.

• The majority of the patents in our portfolio are long-lived, expiring between 2019 and 2038.

• Patents which cover our current clinical platform (generator plus IL-12) will expire in 2026

• This term may be extended under PTE up to 2031

• Patents/Applications which cover our treatment methods (IL-12 + CPI therapy) will expire in 2036

• The company has filed and will continue to file patent applications on its next generation therapeutics, electroporation devices and applicator handles.

Please contact us:

Dr. Bill Mason

The Sage Group

+44 7785 950134

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