Zhimeng Biopharma Announces Global Partner Search for its' Development of Chronic Hepatitis B Cure

Shanghai, China and New York, USA, 1 March 2021 – Following a strategic review of its clinical and commercial development options, Zhimeng Biopharma (“Zhimeng”; http://core-biopharma.com) has appointed The Sage Group (New York and London) to lead the partnering program for its leading drug candidate, ZM-H1505R.

Zhimeng is developing ZM-H1505R, a patented, orally-administered, investigational Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) capsid formation inhibitor, for treating patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) virus infection which afflicts 250 million people worldwide.

Zhimeng is a start-up biotech founded in Shanghai, China in 2017 by seasoned pharmaceutical industry veterans (ex- Sanofi, Medicilon, Simcere, Valeant, BioDuro).

In China, the disease burden of HBV is the highest among communicable diseases, and about 10 million people living with chronic HBV will die by 2030. Worldwide, hepatitis B results in 887,000 deaths annually, and chronic infection cases continue to accrue. Of these, about 300,000 deaths are due to liver cancer.

Most of those with chronic disease have no symptoms; however, cirrhosis and liver cancer may eventually develop. Cirrhosis or liver cancer occurs in about 50-60% of those with chronic liver disease.

Currently available therapeutic options for HBV drive a ~$2.5 billion global market.

The hepatitis B virus (HBV) capsid or core protein (Cp) is now being pursued as a target for small-molecule antivirals that enhance the rate and extent of its assembly to yield empty and/or faulty, aberrant capsids. These small molecules represent a promising treatment for suppression of HBV, and are the focus of the development work conducted by Zhimeng.

ZM-H1505R is a novel molecule with a pyrazole structure. It inhibits HBV replication by accelerating the formation of defective virus capsid and is competitively well positioned: the molecule has superior potency and is active against mutant viruses that are resistant to other capsid inhibitors.

Zhimeng has successfully completed a Phase 1A study in the USA and is planning to conduct an 1b study in HBV-infected patients in China in March 2021, leading to a Phase 2 study to be conducted starting in 2022.

Zhimeng is seeking a global partner for ZM-H1505R to facilitate clinical and commercial development of this exciting new drug.

Zhimeng has long lasting and issued patents protecting its discoveries and its pipeline.

Dr. Huanming Chen, CEO of Zhimeng, said “ZM-H1505R has the potential to become the leader in curing chronic hepatitis B, a very large and unmet medical need.”

For more information about Zhimeng Biopharma and partnering opportunities for its pipeline drug candidates, please contact:

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