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The Sage Group Invites You to a Webinar by Axiom Space on November 30, 2021at 11 AM Eastern Time

Innovative Biological R&D in Microgravity Environments

A Free Webinar You Should Not Miss!

We learned of Axiom Space (Axiom Space - World’s First Commercial Space Station) during the BIO 2021 meeting, and are excited to offer the opportunity for you and your colleagues to learn about Axiom Space and how it might augment your R&D efforts in the future. The Sage Group are sponsoring a free webinar at 11 AM Eastern time on November 30 of this year. Register Now! or email us at to secure your complimentary registration for this intriguing webinar.

Axiom Space is a space startup that is building the first commercial space station in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), to enable access to the microgravity platform for life science innovations. Axiom Space’s mission is to improve life on Earth and foster possibilities beyond it by building and operating the world's first commercial space station. Axiom's Orbital Lab at 260 miles above Earth will provide state-of-the-art facilities for research and manufacturing that cannot be conducted on Earth. The changes in fundamental physics unveiled in the microgravity environment in Low-Earth Orbit facilitate novel insights into biological processes and materials science that can be leveraged into new products. Axiom makes LEO accessible to private companies to get ahead of the curve and lead the way in breakthrough innovations. The effects of gravity are barely felt in this "microgravity environment" and scientists can conduct experiments for extended periods of time that are all but impossible to perform on Earth. In this virtual absence of gravity, the Axiom space orbiting laboratory gives scientists a unique opportunity to study the states of matter (solids, liquids and gases), and the forces and processes that affect them over a sustained period of time. Whether you work for a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device or diagnostic company and whether your focus is neurology, oncology, cardiology, respiratory, gastrointestinal, metabolic, musculoskeletal or other, you should be aware of this unique microgravity R&D platform. The unique weightlessness environment in space can reveal physical phenomena that are not observed naturally on Earth, thereby offering new opportunities for scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue revolutionary breakthroughs, as well as to provide ways to improve processes for discovery, development and manufacturing. Two central examples of novel microgravity research are focused on protein crystal growth- growing organic crystals with thousands of atoms - and on cell/tissue culturing for drug discovery and regenerative medicine, the study of how cells interact in a low-gravity or low-shear environment. The Axiom Space webinar will be conducted by Axiom’s Dr. Anjali Gupta, Business Development Life Science Lead In-Space Research & Manufacturing. Anjali holds a BA in neurobiology from UC Berkeley, a Master’s in physiology from UC Davis, and a PhD in molecular genetics. Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 | Time: 11 AM Eastern | Duration: 60 min Register Now! or email us at to secure your complimentary registration for this intriguing webinar. Some of the subjects to be mentioned include: 3D Bioprinting Accelerated Disease Modeling Aging Bone Osteoporosis Buoyancy & Convection Combustion Science Container less Processing Directionality Fluid Physics Hydrostatic Pressure Materials Science Microphysiological Systems Muscle Atrophy Organoids & Spheroids Protein Crystallization Regenerative Medicine Sedimentation Shear Stress Stem Cells Surface Tension Contacts:

Wayne Pambianchi Executive Director USA The Sage Group, Inc. 1802 Route 31 North Clinton, New Jersey 08809 USA Mobile: +1 908 2306170 Dr. Bill Mason Executive Director Europe The Stockyard Creake Road Syderstone, Norfolk PE31 8SG United Kingdom Mobile: +44 7785 950134


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