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Sage Group Represents Solvotrin to License Their Novel ActiveIronTM Product Portfolio

Sage Group is working with Solvotrin Therapeutics (“Solvotrin”), based in Cork, Ireland. Solvotrin is a drug development company focused on optimising established therapies, vitamins and minerals using innovative science to deliver value for significant unmet clinical needs.

Solvotrin are seeking both licensing and collaboration partners for Solvotrin, to accelerate commercial rollout of their lead product Active IronTM in Europe initially and globally in the future, particularly in the USA; and to facilitate development of the next product in their pipeline for Rx. Solvotrin has launched its first product, Active IronTM, into the OTC market for Iron deficiency, initially with Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) in the UK.

Active IronTM is the most significant innovation in the oral Iron category in the past decade. Iron deficiency is the most common form of malnutrition, affecting 2 billion people worldwide. It is the only nutritional deficiency common in both developed and developing countries. It is the most common cause of anaemia and is prevalent in women of childbearing age, children and older people. The current world market is dominated by a range of poorly absorbed and poorly tolerated products. The estimated target market for an effective Iron supplementation product is in excess of $10bn worldwide.

Active IronTM is a protein micro-encapsulated, low dose ferrous sulfate supplement with a unique, patent protected formulation. Solvotrin’s protected enteric drug delivery technology facilitates delivery of iron close to the site of intestinal absorption, and thus avoids many of the side effects associated with higher dose iron products. It uses whey protein, which is not degraded in the stomach but is degraded in the upper intestine. It is approved for use in Europe. Active IronTM was developed to provide a superior, well tolerated oral iron product using a controlled/activated and targeted delivery system to help restore iron and energy levels without the normal side effects associated with existing oral iron products, i.e. stomach upset, constipation, diarrhoea and teeth staining.

The company is also developing Active IronTM as a higher dose oral Rx medicinal product (ST1502) for the high volume prescription market. Its primary target market is pregnant women and the elderly both of whom suffer from iron deficiency but often avoid treatment due to the side effects of present products. It is expected that this will be a higher price to the end user but with significant performance characteristics including targeted drug delivery which will circumvent the considerable side effects encountered with higher dose iron products. The product is highly differentiated from other approaches, primarily due to Solvotrin’s unique delivery regime.

As an aside, the Company also has a range of other related iron and vitamin supplement products in its pipeline.Solvotrin is focused on identifying licensing and strategic alliance partners. We would be pleased to discuss this opportunity further. Please contact Dr. Bill Mason at or on 44 7785 950134.

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