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Opportunity for Leadership in Predictive Biomarker Diagnostics for Pre-Eclampsia

Metabolomic Diagnostics (“MetaDx”; is a Cork, Ireland-based predictive biomarker diagnostics company with novel intellectual property and a breakthrough approach to predicting pre-eclampsia in pregnant women. It also has a pipeline of additional metabolomic biomarker tests for additional health issues faced by pregnant women and their babies, including pre-term birth.

Sage Group is representing MetaDx in a search for one or more commercial partners.

Pre-eclampsia strikes ca. 5% of first time pregnancies, affecting 500,000 women and killing 75,000 babies each year. The PrePsia™ test has been developed by MetaDx in collaboration with Prof. Louise Kenny at University College Cork Medical School and Cork Maternity Hospital. It uses four biomarkers from a simple blood sample taken around 15 weeks pregnancy to predict with high accuracy and specificity whether a woman will suffer pre-eclampsia in the later term of pregnancy, using a proprietary bioinformatics approach developed by the Company. This enables early treatment with the standard of care medication and can potentially save an estimated >$10 Billion globally and >$2 Billion in the US alone in healthcare costs.

MetaDx is seeking a global strategic partner or acquirer to enable worldwide commercialization of PrePsia™ and its other pipeline biomarker diagnostics capabilities. MetaDx and Sage believe this decision represents a significant new business opportunity for your company to gain leadership in the predictive biomarker diagnostics market.

MetaDx is part of the IMPROvED biobanking consortium and together with their involvement with the SCOPE initiative, this has enabled access to blood samples from over 10,000 pregnant women with associated clinical metadata.

The Company is expected to gain CE mark approval for its assay in Q1 2018, and is confident that it can exploit FDA Expedited Approval Pathways to ensure rapid regulatory approval of PrePsia™. A recent communication from FDA has highlighted its view that detection and treatment of pre-eclampsia represents an important unmet medical need.

MetaDx has strong worldwide intellectual property coverage for PrePsia™. This IP has long expiry dates extending into 2038 and beyond. It continues to file new IP in a proactive manner.

The Company has an experienced management team and advisory board with decades of experience and a deep clinical and scientific understanding of this field.

MetaDx has a comprehensive data room which is available under CDA. We would be pleased to organise a call or meeting with you in the first instance to discuss the Company and PrePsia™

Please contact Dr. Bill Mason at or +44 7785 950134 to discuss this opportunity.

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