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SAJE Pharma - An Opportunity to Access A Unique and Powerful Multi-Drug Discovery Platform Focused o

SAJE Pharma ( seeks an acquirer or licensee of its GSNORi (S-nitrosoglutathione reductase inhibitor) drug discovery platform. This is a novel approach based on regulating the nitrosylation signal transduction pathways which will lead to multiple drug candidates to treat many major-market diseases driven by inflammation, oxidant damage, and fibrosis.

SAJE’s platform is based on its proprietary knowledge of the Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) of the GSNOR enzyme from which it has developed a growing drug library, has demonstrated pre-clinical efficacy and early safety, and with Foley and Lardner has filed composition of matter and use patents on the basis of the platform and compounds derived from it.

The platform has already yielded a lead drug candidate ( SPL-891) which is being advanced through the development process. Many other candidates exist for future development. GSNORi compounds have been shown to be active in 16 different animal disease models.