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Anapa Biotech Announces The Launch of Its Groundbreaking MeltPlex® Technology for Multiplexed Nuclei

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2 August 2018 – Anapa Biotech (“Anapa”; is a Copenhagen - based company with novel intellectual property and a first-in-class approach to ultrahigh performance multiplexing for molecular diagnostic assays.

Following a strategic review and four years of technical development and IP filing, Anapa is pleased to announce that it is working with The Sage Group to seek one or more commercial partners, or an aquirer, for its newly launched MeltPlex® technology. This offers a new dimension of high multiplex capability for the molecular diagnostics field.

Despite developments in conventional PCR, the complexity of multiplex Real Time PCR is still limited due to the lack of sufficient detection channels. To achieve high-end multiplexing capacity on standard Real Time PCR machines, Anapa Biotech has developed the MeltPlex® technology. This addresses a very larger installed user base, currently estimated at over 50,000 PCR machines.

MeltPlex® utilizes a system of fluorescent-labeled Taqman-type probes allowin