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Anapa Biotech Announces The Launch of Its Groundbreaking MeltPlex® Technology for Multiplexed Nuclei

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2 August 2018 – Anapa Biotech (“Anapa”; is a Copenhagen - based company with novel intellectual property and a first-in-class approach to ultrahigh performance multiplexing for molecular diagnostic assays.

Following a strategic review and four years of technical development and IP filing, Anapa is pleased to announce that it is working with The Sage Group to seek one or more commercial partners, or an aquirer, for its newly launched MeltPlex® technology. This offers a new dimension of high multiplex capability for the molecular diagnostics field.

Despite developments in conventional PCR, the complexity of multiplex Real Time PCR is still limited due to the lack of sufficient detection channels. To achieve high-end multiplexing capacity on standard Real Time PCR machines, Anapa Biotech has developed the MeltPlex® technology. This addresses a very larger installed user base, currently estimated at over 50,000 PCR machines.

MeltPlex® utilizes a system of fluorescent-labeled Taqman-type probes allowing each to be read out by subsequent melting curve analysis. 5 or more probes can be analyzed per fluorophore channel, which means that the technology can offer typically 20-25 analytes per tube. This can increase throughput by 4-5 fold compared to current day technology.

By utilizing melting curve readout of modified probes – one for each target - the system adds an extra level of specificity to melting curve analysis as well as added multiplexing capacity. PCR reaction and melting analysis is performed without the need to re-open PCR reaction tubes.

Anapa develops molecular tools to enhance the performance of natural nucleic acids in PCR based assays as well as hybridization. Anapa’s technology offers improvement in areas such as:

  • Human and veterinary diagnostics

  • Food and feed quality and safety

  • Environmental surveillance

  • Scientific research

Soren Morgenthaler Echwald, Anapa's CEO, stated, “We are delighted to announce the MeltPlex® technology for high throughput nucleic acid diagnostics. This technology is highly innovative with strong proof of concept data, and we believe offers our ultimate partner or acquirer a great opportunity for market leadership.”

John Riis Mortensen, Anapa's Chairman and lead investor as Vecata Invest, stated, “Anapa’s MeltPlex® technology is world class in all respects and addresses a very large installed user base. We believe our work with MeltPlex® provides an excellent opportunity for our partners to lead the fast moving and exciting field of molecular diagnostics.”

About Anapa Biotech and Meltplex®

Anapa is a privately funded company, with its leading shareholder being the Danish fund Vecata Invest. Anapa has a strong technology base in nucleic acid detection and excellent, long lived global IP. The MeltPlex® technology offers outstanding advantages for both potential partners and end users.

Anapa provides an opportunity to gain:

  • Market leadership with MeltPlex®, a unique development for super-multiplexing of high throughput molecular diagnostics tests.

  • Unique research tools for rapid nucleic acid detection, up to 20+ in a single tube assay.

  • Strong global IP in this space

  • If required, access to complete fast track assay development services by the Anapa team using the best of Anapa’s MeltPlex® technology

With the MeltPlex® methodology, users can get faster results

  • Achieve single tube PCR detection of 20+ targets

  • Get more answers from a single, scarce sample eg. spinal fluid samples or biopsies

  • Use existing Taqman target sequences

  • Can support syndromic detection - vs single agent tests

Use MeltPlex® on existing instruments

  • Adapt MeltPlex® to most PCR instruments – it adresses over 50.000 installed instruments in the market

  • Upgrade existing sample-to-result PCR-platforms to multiplex

Save time and money with MeltPlex®

  • Save reagent costs

  • Achieve simpler and faster lab procedures

For more information about Anapa Biotech and partnering opportunities for its MeltPlex® technology, please visit our website,, or contact:

Dr. Bill Mason The Sage Group The Old Black Barns Lord’s Lane, Ousden CB8 8TX UK Tel: +44 (0) 7785 950134


Soren Morgenthaler Echwald CEO, Anapa Biotech Copenhagen, Denmark tel. +45 (2264) 4916

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