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Moberg's BUPIZENGE™ - Sage Group Offers An Opportunity for Leadership in Pain Relief for Oral Mu

Stockholm, Sweden, 8 September 2018 – Moberg has appointed The Sage Group to lead the BUPIZENGE™ partnering program.

Moberg Pharma is a rapidly growing, publicly-traded, Swedish pharmaceutical company that commercializes proprietary and acquired products in the global market. Initially, the company specialized in innovative topical treatments in niche indications but is now focusing on skin and nails conditions Moberg markets OTC brands in the U.S. and sell through distributors in more than 30 countries. BUPIZENGE™ is among its main out licensing / partnering products.

Peter Wolpert, CEO of Moberg, said “BUPIZENGE™ has the potential to become the leader in pain relief for oral mucositis and other conditions with severe oral pain.”

Key Points About BUPIZENGE™

  • An innovative patented lozenge - BUPIZENGE™ is a novel lozenge formulation of bupivacaine, a well-established local anaesthetic.

Issued and long-life patents

  • Patent granted in the U.S, Canada and EU. until 2033

A well established molecule

  • Bupivacaine, the active ingredient in BUPIZENGE™, is a local anaesthetic of the amide type which has been used in many licensed medicinal products for years, including epidural infusions and solutions for injections.

  • The mode of action and pharmacological properties of local anaesthetics including bupivacaine are well established.

  • Substantial data for BUPIZENGE™ and information on efficacy and general safety of bupivacaine in the literature.