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ASIT biotech initiates the search for a strategic commercial partner for the future marketing of gp-

• The Sage Group, an internationally recognized consulting group, has been appointed to identify a commercial partner with a special focus on the US market

• ASIT biotech has developed an innovative immunotherapy product entering a confirmatory phase III study in grass pollen induced allergic rhinitis, requiring only a 3-week treatment course prior to the pollen season

• ASIT biotech is meeting potential partners at the Bio-Europe 2018 partnering conference in Copenhagen this week

Brussels, Belgium, 5 November 2018 - 08:00 am CET - ASIT biotech (ASIT - BE0974289218), a Belgian clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the research and development of breakthrough allergy immunotherapy products, today announced that it has initiated the search for potential partnerships for the clinical development and future marketing of gp-ASIT+™, its lead innovative product candidate to prevent grass pollen induced allergic rhinitis. gp-ASIT+™ has completed an extensive clinical program including an initial Phase III study that showed significant symptom improvement in patients after a short course treatment with this novel approach to treatment using an adjuvant-free mixture of highly purified natural allergen fragments. The Company is currently preparing a confirmatory phase III study in approximately 600 patients with screening expected to begin in early 2019 in order to treat all patients before the start of the 2019 pollen season. In