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G-MED, the Largest Online Global Medical Community Serving 1 Million Physicians and Growing!

London, 28 October 2019. G-Med is the largest Online Global Medical Community for >1,000,000 physicians, from over 120 countries worldwide and 100 specialties. G-Med is the new "LinkedIn" for the physician and clinical community

G-Med is working with The Sage Group to identify global partners for service provision, collaboration and strategic partnerships.

Today, G-Med is the leading online arena for medical crowdsourcing based on a vibrant physician's community using this platform daily for case consultation, medical updates, maerketing and awareness communications, online education and general discussions.

The G-Med platform also offers a highly targeted route as a physician awareness, education and marketing tool for pharma companies and marketing / brand development and promotion organizations.

G-Med provides innovative collaboration solutions for life sciences companies dealing with current and future regulation challenges.

G-Med is seeking strategic partners to enable it to grow globally and penetrate new and existing markets.

Partners are likely to include pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses and PR/media/branding and market research businesses who are seeking to develop and exploit new markets in the clinical community via the G-Med online physician community.

G-Med wishes to pursue new business where its substantial global community can provide a resource to understand and grow new healthcare markets.

As a privately funded company, G-Med would also be receptive to new equity investment to enable growth and realise value for its stakeholders.

For further information, please contact Dr. Bill Mason of The Sage Group at or on Tel _44 (0)7785 950134.

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