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Sage Represents BioHit Healthcare: Opportunity for Leadership in Nicotine-Free Smoking Cessation Usi

BioHit Healthcare has developed and gained approval in Europe for the Acetium® lozenge. This binds cigarette smoke-derived acetaldehyde in the saliva, thus reducing the known effects of acetaldehyde in maintaining smoking dependence. Regular use of the Acetium® lozenge during smoking increased the likelihood of smoking cessation 1.5-fold compared with placebo.

Acetium® lozenge is CE mark approved and may be sold in some countries as a food supplement.

Acetium® lozenge works by slowly releasing L-cysteine (a natural amino acid) into saliva. L-cysteine binds up to 90 % of cigarette smoke-derived acetaldehyde. The lozenge also contains xylitol, which improves oral health. Poor oral hygiene increases local acetaldehyde formation. The recommended dosage is 1 or 2 lozenges during smoking.

Acetium® lozenge:

  • Removes acetaldehyde from saliva during smoking.

  • Contains xylitol, which improves oral health.

  • Acetium lozenge contains L-cysteine, which is a natural aminoacid. L-cysteine effectively binds acetaldehyde from saliva and forms a harmless compound that can be excreted from the body.

  • L-cysteine removes over 90 per cent of the acetaldehyde dissolved into saliva during smoking.

  • The recommended dosage is 1 or 2 lozenges during smoking.

  • Efficacy comparable to nicotine replacement therapy and prescription drugs!

Acetium Lozenge has long lived IP

BioHit Healthcare is working with Sage Group to identify a global partner for the Acetium® lozenge for smoking cessation. The product has existing revenues which are growing rapidly.

For more information, please contact either

Dr. Bill Mason


Sage Healthcare Ltd.

The Old Black Barns

Lord’s Lane, Ousden CB8 8TX

Suffolk UK

Phone: +44 1638 500775 Mob: +44 7785 950134


Wayne Pambianchi

The Sage Group Inc.

1802 Route 31 North, #381

Clinton, NJ 08809


Phone: +1 908-231-9644

Mob: +1 908 2306170

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